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  • Silk Jacquard & rayon blend with satin lining,gorgeous designs to match any jewelry.Keep your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry in this elegant case while you travel.

  • 3 zipper pockets (1.9" to 2.7" in depth) for holding pins and broaches, earrings, bracelets, or whatever small pieces you treasure,1 padded ring bar (4.7" in length), and 1 large opening (full length of the wrap) at the top for larger items.

  • This is prefect to store your jewelry in for traveling or just for everyday use. You can store all types of jewelry in the different compartments so they don't get all tangled up. The case is also stuffed with cotton so it will keep your jewelry safe from any damage.

  • Measures 6.5"L x 3.2"W;opens to 9.5"L. Easily packed soft traveling case that folds flat or rolls up to take as little storage space as possible in your bags, secured with glossy silk ribbons.

  • This stunning jewelry wrap will be useful on your dressing table. Perfect for organizing your jewelry when travelling.Also a great gift for any occasion such as wedding/birthday/Mother's Day/Christmas. It's perfect for teens and adults.

  • Color Name:Black

    Easy layout means you do not have to untangle necklaces and you will not lose rings to the bottom of luggage somewhere on your travels.The many compartments allow you to separate different pieces to prevent damage.

    Because it is totally portable, keep it at the office for transitioning from work to play.

    The contemporary elegant design is suitable for all ages of women and younger members of the family wanting to be 'grown up'. In fact it is the next step up for the young teen moving from a traditional ballerina music box to a more sophisticated look. Gift ideas include as a thank you for bridesmaids, for Christmas, birthday present, Mothers Day or special occasions for mom.

    The product is packaged in an elegant, professionally designed small box making it an ideal gift.

    And it is perfect to keep your selection of beads for making your own jewels.

    SuoSuo Jewelry Roll Travel Jewelry Roll Bag Black Silk Embroidery Brocade Jewelry Organizer Case with Tie Close - B07B4RCWFG

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