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  • PROTECTION ABOVE ALL: With our longer garment bags measuring at 55"x20", elegant dresses will cease to a have a wrinkle and keep your clothing clear of any unwatned odors. With our water resistant material, we can ensure the safety against the elements.

  • CONVENIENT CARRY: With two 26" handles in play, this bag can fold in half and be carried like a small tote bag. With its compact size, this bag can fit into luggages as well. This bag can be folded into a small size when not in use and tucked away; out of sight, out of mind.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT DURABILITY: Ideal for everyday and travel uses. While this bag is safe-saving, the durability of this bag is seen through our reinforced handles that will ensure the protection of your clothing. Our 90 GSM Non Woven Polypropylene material will maintain a lightweight feel but will provide much needed durability and protection to garments.

  • BREATHABLE MATERIAL: With just the right material, we are able to create a bag that lets your clothes breathe and keep smelling fresh and not overheated.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: A versatile and sustainable choice for everyday use, these eco-friendly reusable bags can be used repeatedly and for multiple purposes to help you reduce your environmental footprint.

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    Versatile and Durable
    These Simply Green Solutions custom reusable garment bags are crafted from non woven polypropylene. With a pocket for your hanger, you can ensure extra protection. Whether you're going to a dance recital, have an important event, these bags are a practical and convenient choice. Light, versatile non woven garment bags fold up easily and tuck neatly away until needed. Toss one in your closet, car, or bus and your clothes will stay protected from the environment, making the clothes seem like they never left the house.

    Dazzling Diligence
    With a full length zipper, there is a no-hassle handling. With the fabric's versatility, this bag can be folded to fit luggage and any tight spaces. The slim design keeps your little ones in mind as well. This is ideal for pageants and evening wear. Look good at your next event!

    Convenient Convenience
    The most stressful thing about travelling is the issue of time. We want to give you peace of mind by not having to worry about your ironing your outfit because when taken out of the bag, it will be like stepping out of the dry cleaners. With our durable 26" handles, carrying your clothing around will be easier than ever. Don't worry though, there still enough room for that one special piece of clothing.

    Sustainable Style
    Our company thrives on the fact that we want to reduce our ecological footprint. Because the bags are reusable, less waste will be produced from this one product. The durability will ensure that these bags last.

    Simply Green Solutions Trendy Travel and Storage Breathable Black Bag 20"x55" with Zipper and Carry Handles for Cocktail Dresses Evening Gowns Wedding Gowns and Pageant Wear - B07CMHS9NN

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