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  • Main material: 304 stainless steel; Additional materials: PU leather;

  • Length:12.2cm(4 6/8");Width:3.7cm(1 4/8");

  • Easy To Use Design and Ergonomic: Smooth and rounded edges, no sharp edges , perfect angle for sliding feet into shoes and won't damage or cut into your shoe. The leather strap is a great handle to help you get the best grip. Contour design for ease of use, it is fit your heel & the backs of your shoes.

  • Perfect For Traveling And Storage Closure - compact design means it can easily be taken anywhere with no fuss.

  • Widely Applicable and Easy Usage- Perfect for Men, Women, Seniors, Pregnancy, Elderly,Kids,more back pain disability special needs tall people. From leather shoes to the gym shoes, the shoe horn is perfectly sized to fit all shoes.

  • Simple high quality clothing essential, stainless steel shoe horn with leather strap makes putting shoes on easy and effortless - guaranteed!
    Our leather handle shoe horn is lightweight, easy to use, it does what it sets out to do, with no fuss! Take it with you when traveling, perfect travel accessory for men and women
    Getting the heels of shoes on can be really difficult, bending down trying and fiddling with your shoe is so frustrating! The leather handle shoe horn has been designed to remove that hassle, make getting your shoes on a breeze!
    Simple, easy to use, the stainless steel slips between the sock and shoe effortlessly!
    Click Add to Cart at the top of the page to put an end to those annoying squashed down heels of your shoes!

    HooAMI Stainless Steel Shoe Horn Long Shoespooner Spoon with PU Leather Strap 12.2cmx3.7cm - B0756TDQT4

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